Given the shelf-life of knowledge is falling by the year, what is becoming more important is the basic personality of the student and how that personality is being exhibited in terms of softer dimensions that impact (competencies) at work place.

Student-Complete has been developed after extensive research. The underlying IT engine for enabling the multi-rater process, developed by us, has been used by many large Corporate houses for assessing softer dimensions of their employees, which in turn has been used for aspects across the HR Value chain.

The product uses the well-established, highly validated Juginan type for personality profiling and It helps in identifying the Student’s strengths and weaknesses on Seven Critical to Job (C2J) called the Critical Abilities.

The competency evaluation is done both by self as well as F4 – Faculty, Friends, Former Collegues and Family – those that have the best opportunity to observe the individual at close quarters

By combining the Personality type data with the Competency assessment information, a complete picture of the Student is developed, which throws light on

  • Why am I the way I am (interpreted from the Jungian personality)
  • How do others see what I do (based on rating of others)
  • Why do I do what I do (from the self-rating)

Our USP - Consistency Index

Our Proprietary Algorithm helps in establishing Consistency of the information about the individual across Personality Type, Self Rating on Competency and Others Rating. This unique algorithm will help the individual as well as the others, to see if there is any distortion of information.