Student Complete

Student complete is designed to help students not just in their journey to the corporate but also help them grow as individuals. Students benefits as the report

  • Is a definite indicator on their proactiveness of mapping their development
  • Gives a comprehensive personality type assessment – he more one knows oneself the better they are prepared
  • Provides a complete picture of themselves from multiple perspectives.
  • Indicates job suitability indicators along with areas of improvement.
  • Facilitates online and off line learning support if required.


Student Complete

Across the globe colleges are competing to make their students the choice of recruiters – honing their skills from multiple perspectives. Introduction of student complete in the college

  • Demonstrates clearly to the recruiters on the comprehensive nature of employment enabling efforts ate the college
  • Gives them the ability to provide individualised training in soft skills
  • Enables career counsellors to give informed and individualised career choices to students.
  • Enables a systematic and scientific method of shortlisting students for campus interviews based on job descriptions given by recruiters.


Student Complete

Recruiters at campuses across the world would want to have information apart from transcripts that would help them in their selection process. Student complete helps in the selection process

  • Providing information on the applicant (student) with regards to the student’s personality.
  • Providing comprehensive picture on the critical to job competencies and the softer dimensions which impacts their performance at work.
  • Identifying the Training needs even before the students enter the corporate world.
  • Enables recruitment decision making which is well grounded multiple angels.