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Student Complete

Today over 210 Million students Graduate from across universities and colleges, from around the world. And this number is increasing year-on-year*

However, on the demand side, organizations are finding that it is difficult to find talent that meets their requirements and seamlessly integrates into their companies.

The difficulty is getting more pronounced with fast changing job requirements, internationalization of work culture, adaptation to technology changes, not to mention the needs of the employees themselves.

Organization are therefore finding that it is more important to have the “right behavioral orientation” more than “having the right knowledge”


Given the shelf-life of knowledge is falling by the year, what is becoming more important is the basic personality of the student and how that personality is being exhibited in terms of softer dimensions that impact (competencies) at work place.

Sample Report

Student-Complete has been developed after extensive research


The product uses the well-established, highly validated Juginan type for personality profiling and


It helps in identifying the Student’s strengths and weaknesses on Seven Critical to Job (C2J) competencies called the Critical Abilities.

The competency evaluation is done both by self as well as F3 – Faculty, Friends and Family – those that have the best opportunity to observe the individual at close quarters

By combining the personality information with that on competencies, a complete picture is developed, which enables throw light on

Why am I the way I am (interpreted from the Jungian personality)
How do others see what I do (based on rating of others)
Why do I do what I do (from the self-rating)


The internal algorithm checks for the consistency – to ensure that the results reflect the actual picture of the student.


News & Thoughts

We will share with you news about various events as it happens with respect to Student Complete – this could be in terms of colleges where we will be rolling this out or open programs that we plan to conduct.

Our research team constantly works to scan and map the various new developments that impact students especially with reference to employability. We will curate and share, so as to add value to all the stakeholders in the process




We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions by all the stakeholders.

Click here to download the FAQs.



Next Roll Out

Ambedkar College, in Hyderabad, India has in principle decided to roll out the Student Complete for all its MBA students, as well as it other under graduates students in various streams.



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