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Unitol EdTech Pvt Ltd

Student-Complete is an offering of UniTol EdTech, an offshoot of UniTol (short for Unique and Total) Training Solutions, a products, tools, platforms, and services company serving the needs of both the Trainers and Organizations in corporate training. In a span of 10 years, we have worked with some of the leading companies in employee learning and development process, and today we are the preferred partner for many of them. We have now ventured into the EdTech (Educational Technology) Space – designing and developing tools for helping students, parents, institutes and the others in the school/college eco system. Our suite of EdTech tools includes personality tests, assessment tools, enabling platforms for tutors, feedback enablement for colleges and institutes, amongst others.

Our Personality & Competency Assessment Tool

There is an increasing realization in organizations about the importance of Personality & Behavioural Competencies and the role they play in performance of the individual in the job. Student-Complete is a tool used to help identify the personality and assess them on critical job competencies, of Students. Which in turn helps chart better and faster growth trajectories.